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Stephen Whitefield

Commodore (Technology Infrastructure)
Stephen was elected as Vice Commodore on October 20, 2016. Previously, he served as Vice Commodore from October 23, 2014 until October 2016 and as Rear Commodore from October 2011 until October 2014. He was first elected to the Management Committee on 28 October 2010 as Management At Large. He joined DYC in summer 2008 and has been an active member ever since. In his other life, he is Manager of the Cellular and Molecular Digital Imaging Facility at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine. Steve is an avid sail racer, and enjoys the social program at DYC. The Commodore shall control the operation of the Club, chair Trustee and Management Committee and General Meetings, enforce the Club By-laws, policies and regulations, ensure that the Club operates efficiently and effectively, and promote the Club's interests. In accordance with the NS Societies Act, Section 7, the Commodore is the Recognized Agent for the Club. 

Hector Saulnier

Rear Commodore (Sailing Activities)
In 2004 Hector joined the DYC family as a keen crew member. Hector works as a Consultant for the exciting industry of Marketing and Business Development. When Hector is not on a sailboat racing or cruising, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, curling, and traveling. This past November 2014 Hector joined the DYC management committee for the first time as the Rear Commodore. The Rear Commodore is to assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore in the performance of their duties, and, in their absence, act in the stead. The Rear Commodore is to ensure that activities related to the club's sail racing program, regattas, and the other activities specifically related to sailing are carried out.


Don Jessome

Don was elected Treasurer on October 25, 2012. He was first elected to Management Committee in November 2011 and assigned responsibility for the bar. He has been a member of the Dartmouth Yacht Club since July 2007. Don began as a power boater, but has since decided to try sailing and is still up in the air as to which one he prefers. Although he considers himself a novice sailor, Don enjoys his time at DYC immensely and hope to further hone is marine skills in the days ahead. Don has been president of Jessome Food Equipment Inc for the past 29 years, and when he is not at his desk, can be found in the woods or on the water. He looks forward to continuing his association with DYC for many years to come. The Treasurer/Corporate Secretary is responsible to ensure that the following duties are carried out in a timely matter: (a) That all records pertaining to membership, yacht registration, liability insurance and Club correspondence are maintained correctly. (b) Oversee the accounting of all Club monies received and dispersed, and ensure that an annual budget and annual audited financial statements are produced. He shall also supervise the preparation of balance sheets and income statements as requested by the Management Committee. (c) Vet all applications for membership, initiate correspondence pertaining to club business and personnel matters, and ensure minutes of all General and Management committee meetings are maintained.


Gordon Hart

Fleet Captain Sail (Racing)
Gordon Hart was re-elected Fleet Captain Sail for a fourth consecutive term on 27 Oct 2011. He has been a member of DYC since 1997. Gordon is the dealer for Toshiba Telephone Systems for Nova Scotia. He sells and services Wireless Networking equipment and two way radio systems. He also has a sideline in webcams and video systems. He sails his Kirby 30 (5 of Harts) at every opportunity. In the off season, he can be found at Wentworth Valley skiing and making maple syrup. As Fleet Captain Sail, he is determined to make the Junior Sailing Program, and by extension, DYC, the best and most community minded in Nova Scotia. The Fleet Captain Sail is to assist the Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore in the performance of their duties. The Commodore may delegate specific responsibilities with respect to the operation of the club to Fleet Captains. Fleet Captain Sail is responsible to the Commodore for the operation and promotion of the Junior Sail program at DYC.


Bob Stewart

Fleet Captian Power (Yard and Gas Dock)
Bob has been a loyal member of DYC since 2002. From 1966 until 1987 he served as a Navy pilot, before deciding to move on to be a pilot for the airlines, which he continued to do until he retired in 2006. Bob has graciously served on the Management Committee as the Safety, Security, and Environment Officer since 2011 and also dedicates his time as the Convoy Cup Director and Sailpast Co-ordinator. When he is not helping out at the club, Bob can often be found enjoying the Basin from his Trawler with his wife Pat, or teaching a CPS Seamanship/rope work course to fellow boaters.


Ric McKinstry

Management at Large (Junior Sail)


Steve Mallett

Management at Large (New Clubhouse Committee)

Kelly Clelland

Management at Large (Bar)

Mary Ridgewell

Recording Secretary

Jim Thomas

Appointed a Trustee on 26 November 2010, Jim has been a member of DYC since 1999. He was a member of the Management Committee for eight years and has held the positions of Fleet Captain Power, Vice Commodore and Commodore from 2007 to 2008. Jim has served on a number of committees including the 2003 Hurricane Juan Marina Reconstruction Committee. Jim is an avid boater and spends as much time on the water as he can, cruising on his power boat or crewing on a Wednesday night sailing race. He is a past president of the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society and has served on the national board of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada.


Paul Downing

Paul has been a DYC Trustee for 6 years. He was Commodore in 1997, and served on Management Committee for numerous years including the 2003 Hurricane Juan Marina Re-construction Committee. In his real life, Paul is a Dentist at the Woodlawn Dental Centre on Portland Street, Dartmouth. He is a Past President of the Nova Scotia Dental Association and current Chairman of the Mandatory Continuing Education Committee for the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia. His other interests landed him as Vice Chair of the Gulf Shore (NS) Preservation Association. Whilst a Power Boater, Paul often slips to the other side and races on Monday and Wednesday nights as crew on “Second Lady”.


Nathan Reece


Dan Gallina

General Manager
Dan has been General Manager of the Dartmouth Yacht Club since January 2009. After a 36 year career in the Canadian Navy, he retired as a Navy Captain with two “Sea Commands” under his belt (HMCS FREDERICTON AND PRESERVER). He has also served on two NATO Staffs, once in Norfolk Virginia for 3 years, and again in the United Kingdom for 6 years. Dan is an avid golfer who readily admits that his love for the game far exceeds his ability to play it. He also enjoys travelling. Dan is an avid golfer who's love for the game far exceeds his ability to play it. He also enjoys travelling.


Todd Carter

Yard Foreman (Safety Officer)

Steve Waller

Vice Commodore  (Marina and Mooring Field)
Steve was elected Vice Commodore on October 20, 2016. Steve previously served as Fleet Captian Power after having re-joined Management Committee on 26 October 2011. He had previously been on management for 3 years, starting 1 year after joining DYC in 2001. He served as a member at large with responsibility for the yard including equipment maintenance, and now has responsibility for the Marina and Mooring Field and floating breakwater. He recently retired as one of the owners and Directors of the DSS Marine Group of Companies. DSS is a local group of marine and aviation safety equipment suppliers serving both industries across Canada. Steve has had a relationship with the water and marine interests for over 30 years and looks forward to enjoying more time at DYC helping to maintain the overall club quality that DYC has become known for. The Vice Commodore shall assist the Commodore in the discharge of his or her duties and, in the Commodore’s absence or inability to act, take his or her place.


Steven Snider

Management at Large (Safety, Security & Environment)

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The Dartmouth Yacht Club is nestled in Wright's Cove - a sheltered recess with high land on both sides located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. It is ideal for mooring, with a convenient marina for the launch and recovery of boats.

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