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Dartmouth Yacht Club Learn to Sail 2016

Meet our instructors/ Question and answer session

We will be asking everyone to join us on Sunday June 11th 2017 at 12:00pm. New and returning sailors, and parents from all the summer sessions are asked to attend. We will be holding a relatively informal question and answer session, as well as over viewing what we expect of the sailors, and you the parents through the summer, as well as going over what you can expect from our instructor and management team. We expect this to last for only about an hour, however our instructors will stay until all questions have been answered. We will also have the lost and found available from last year, incase there was any missing items.


Nut Allergy

Last year we have at least one student with a sever nut allergy. As all students share the gear, and we are in a confined space, we ask that parents of those attending all programs to be particularly careful to exclude any nut, or nut containing products from the students lunches.


Courses offered

The Dartmouth Yacht club will be offering Sail Canada’s CANSail levels 1-6 for students ranging from 8 to 16 years of age. We will also be offering a Wet feet program for students ranging in age from 5-7, who have attended at least one year of school. Our programs are taught by experienced and knowledgeable staff that strive to show their students the best way to continue safely, and confidently through their sailing careers. These skills will be taught on our club 420 and Opti class dinghies. We will also be offering spring and fall race training, to ensure our race team remains competitive within their fleet.  


Course dates 2016

Spring Training: Starting in June, dates TBA
First Summer Session: from Monday, 6 July to Friday, 17 July
Second Summer Session: from Monday, 20 July to Friday, 31 July
Third Summer Session: from Monday, 3 Augustto Friday, 14 August
Fourth Summer Session: from Monday, 17 August to Friday, 28 August
Fall Training: September, dates TBA

What to Bring:
We have put together a list of things that should be brought to the program on a daily basis

  • Canadian Coast Guard approved life jacket or PFD (personal flotation device).  This must fit properly and be in good condition.  If it is too large, it isn’t safe!
  • Lunch including some fruit and extra drinks .
  • Water (I fill it up a quarter and freeze it, then fill it in the morning and it stays cool most of the day).
  • Sunscreen, usually SPF 30 for the body and SPF 30 or 45 for the face.
  • Fast drying, soft soled shoes (not dark soles) or sandals (not flip-flops, no crocks ) and a second pair of shoes that won’t get wet.
  • A large beach towel and bathing suit.
  • At least one complete change of warm clothes including sweatshirts, track pants, windbreaker jacket and raingear. 
  • A warm sweater which can get wet(might want a second extra sweater packed for cold or wet days)
  • Finally, a bag (backpack or gym bag) that can fit everything into.  If bag doesn’t have a separate spot for wet stuff, its good to pack a couple of grocery bags to keep dry stuff dry! 
  • CanSail 3 - 6 sailors are also asked to bring running shoes, and may also want to bring sailing gloves.


  • Students must abide by these rules every day
  • CCG approved life jacket or PFD must be worn at all time when on or near the water.
  • Sailors must wear clothing appropriate for weather condition and have a change of clothing.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.  Sandals are not permitted while sailing or launching boats.
  • Waterproof sunscreen is required (SPF 20 or greater).
  • Sailors must be able to swim 25 meters, and pass a “swim test”.
  • Sailors are not permitted to leave the DYC premises without written consent from 9am  to 4pm
  • Wet suits are permitted but not in lieu of PFDs or life jackets.
  • All sailors must respect the DYC Rules and Regulations, their fellow sailors, as well as all personal items of both
  • Sailors will not be permitted on the fuel dock, or near the rocks


Any questions can be directed to Brendan at
PS. We will have the lost and found out on the Jr. Sail deck for any parent to go through, as normally grows quite a bit through the summer.


About Us

The Dartmouth Yacht Club is nestled in Wright's Cove - a sheltered recess with high land on both sides located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. It is ideal for mooring, with a convenient marina for the launch and recovery of boats.

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