Membership Dues & Fees

Membership Types and fees

Rates have been updated for 2017. All prices are Canadian Funds. They do not include the Harmonized Sales Tax (15%) and are subject to change.

The pages displayed on this website under MEMBERSHIP TYPES AND FEES contain information relating to the minimum fees for a year at Dartmouth Yacht Club , depending on the size of your boat and whether you want a mooring or a marina berth. Please note, this is for reference information only. If you intend to apply for membership, or use any of our services we strongly suggest you confirm the cost with staff in the DYC Office 468-6050. Prices are subject to change without notice. For Membership Applications please call or visit DYC .

Dues and fees

Joining Fee (one time)* $1500.00
Senior Dues $471.00
Boating Fee (per square foot)** $2.25
Dry Boating Fee*** $266.00
Dinghy Boating Fee*** $139.00
Marina Fee (marina fee + boat length)

20 AMP Slip: $803.00 + $5.70 per foot (LOA)                                               30 AMP Slip: $845.00 + $5.70 per foot (LOA)                                             50 AMP Slip: $931.00 + $5.70 per foot (LOA)

Mooring Lease + Tender Service $515.00
SailCanada/SailNS Fees (no hst) $30.00
Summer Land Storage $255.00
Crew/Social Dues $137.00
Outport Dues $30.00
Corporate Dues $676.00 + $71.00/Named Person
Junior Dues **** $100.00


* $500 paid upon joining, $500 payable at start of second year of membership, and $500.00 on the third year of membership.
** Minimum Boating Fee is $436 for 2017 and includes lifts, storage, use of yard facilities
*** Senior Dues and Joining Fee applicable. Ramp usage and land storage only. Land storage from May 15 to September 30. Fee of $13.90/day before Oct 15 (3 week maximum), and $30.20/day after May 15.                                                                   **** Junior Membership dues are $100 plus hst, or free of charge in a Junior Sailing Student takes 2 DYC sailing courses in a season. 

Travel Lift Use (member) $150 flat rate per lift
Travel Lift Use (non-member) $14.90 per foot/per lift
Mooring Rental (member & non-member)*** $19.50 per day
Marina Rental (member)* $25.50 per day
Marina Rental (non-member) $45.00 per day
Ramp Usage (non-member) $30 per launch
Land Storage (non-member) $13.90 per day
Cradle Storage  $1.00 per square foot
Yard Electricity Nov. 1st to March 15th  See Winter Power Policy
Marina Electricity Nov. 1st to March 15th See Winter Power Policy
Parking Fine, after first warning  Subject to HRM ticket
Boat Storage Shed (Nov.1st to June 1st) $2.25 per square foot + $105.00 **
Junior Sailing 2 week course (member) $265
Junior Sailing 2 week course (non-member) $325 (famiy discount, less $25.00 per additional child)
Clubhouse Rental Member: $84.00, Non-member: $400.00
Waste Pump Out (non-member) $22.50
Jack Stand Rental per stand (member) $10.00/day up to $50.00/season
Jack Stand Rental per stand (non-member) $20.00/day up to $100.00/season
Bobcat Usage (member) $66.00 per lift

* for members, the marina rental will not exceed that charged as marina fee/marina surcharge for the assigned marina.

** boat storage sheds - $105.00 refundable provided shed is dismantled and removed by June 1st or 48 hours afer boat is launched.
*** includes tender service  
All dues and fees subject to HST.  

Non-Member Services and related costs


Haul and Launch $29.80 per foot LOA
Storage (Land)  $2.50 per sq ft (length x beam)
Jack stand rental per stand $20.00 per day, up to a maximum of $100.00 per season
In water storage  $2.50 sq ft (length x beam)
Use of the launch ramp for self launch/haul $30.00
Daily rate after April 30th On land: $30.20 per day, In water: $45.00 per day


For the convenience of visiting yachts and for those in-transit requiring minor servicing, the Dartmouth Yacht Club will provide, when available, the facilities/services listed below. Additional fees not included in this table may be found in the Membership, Dues and Fees section above. Please call the club for further information.

Marina Rental $45.00/day 
Mooring Rental, with tender service $19.50/day
Holding Tank Pump Out $22.50
Travel Lift Use $14.90 per foot LOA*

About Us

The Dartmouth Yacht Club is nestled in Wright's Cove - a sheltered recess with high land on both sides located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. It is ideal for mooring, with a convenient marina for the launch and recovery of boats.

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