Dartmouth Yacht Club


Established in 1962, Dartmouth Yacht Club is situated in Wright’s Cove, a sheltered area on the eastern shore of Bedford Basin, Halifax Harbour.

DYC is a relatively young club compared to others in the area. The club’s origins trace back to a meeting held by a small group of boating enthusiasts in March 1962, at a building on the corner of Ochterloney and Wentworth Streets. Chaired by Mr. Cyril G. Hubley, the meeting took place under the Dartmouth Chamber of Commerce’s auspices, with Mr. Hubley becoming the club’s first Commodore.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

The original Memorandum of Association, signed on December 7, 1962, with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies, remains a foundational document for DYC. Signed by key members, including the first Commodore and Vice Commodore, it solidifies the club’s not-for-profit status in Nova Scotia.


On December 10, 1962, DYC received its Charter and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization under Provincial law, with its name, Dartmouth Yacht Club. The inaugural meeting was held on January 9, 1963, with twenty-five individuals named as Chartered Members.

The club’s first Management and Trustee Committee meeting took place on January 24, 1963, at the former Dartmouth Businessmen’s Club site on Newcastle Street. Throughout the year, the committee worked on drafting the club’s first Constitution and By-Laws, drawing inspiration from various club models, including those in Boston.

One notable addition to the club’s early initiatives was the provision for Junior membership, reflecting the vision and efforts of Commodore Mr. Peter Douglass. Recognizing the importance of nurturing junior sailors, the club laid a strong foundation for its future.

New Clubhouse in 2018

After years of planning and anticipation, ground was broken for the new DYC clubhouse in the summer of 2017. Despite logistical challenges, the project progressed, culminating in the grand opening on June 23, 2018. The clubhouse, designed to withstand storm surges, offers a panoramic view of Bedford Basin and has become a landmark of maritime elegance.

The addition of the state-of-the-art clubhouse has elevated DYC’s appeal, attracting new members and solidifying its position as a premier yacht club in the region.

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