Dartmouth Yacht Club

Yacht Club Membership

We’re more than just a marina… Join our Yacht Club!

For individuals interested in joining the Dartmouth Yacht Club, please contact the office directly for more complete information relating to Club services, fees, and any questions you may have or to book a tour:

Call at 902-468-6050 or email admin@dartmouthyachtclub.ca 

Applications are linked below. You must print and drop off the application at the club.

The following are the different types of memberships at the DYC:


$ 600 .00/yr †*
† Additional fees apply
  • $2500 joining fee
    ($1000 due on accepted application, $750 each subsequent year)
  • $40/yr Sail NS fee
  • $100/yr fee for Capital Deferment Fund
  • 19 years of age or older
  • Voting privileges
  • Member rates on marina and boatyard fees
  • Access to clubhouse, facilities and events.

Crew / Social

$ 208 .00/yr*
Entertainment, sailing events, clubhouse and bar
  • 19 years of age or older
  • No voting privileges
  • Access to clubhouse and facilities and events.


$ 125 .00/yr*
Stay connected to your home club
  • 19 years of age or older
  • Same privileges as Crew/Social
  • Lives 100km+ from DYC
  • Can be converted to Senior dues if fees up to date.

Rate table

Effective 25 Jan 2024

“Dues” refers to the cost of annual membership in the Club. 
“Fees” refers to the cost of keeping a boat at DYC and using Club facilities not included in the cost of membership.

*The Yacht Club year starts November 1st and the annual budget is set the AGM the follow January.  If the dues are increased at the January AGM, the increase is retro-active to November 1st and the difference is billed as “Dues Adjustment” with the invoice for ‘Fees’ sent out in February.

Membership Fees Table

Joining Fee$2500$1000 with application, plus $750 each subsequent year. Applicable to Senior memberships only.
Senior Member$  600Invoiced first week November
Crew/Social Member$  208Invoiced before March 1, or after winter AGM
Outport Member$  125Residing outside 100 km DYC, no boat at DYC
Sail Can/NS Fee$    40Charged to each Senior Member
Capital Deferment Fund$  100Fee paid by all Senior plus all Life Members with boats